Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technology for 6 - 60.000 p.e.


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Industrial and municupal Wastewate treatment stations

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Fully biological compact wastewater treatment plants in an ISO container

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Help you too, to protect our nature

The careful and efficient use of fresh water, the complete purification and recirculation of wastewater and not at least the ecological management of the residual solid materials are basic principles of the modern technological processes. That implies highly developed technology, expert know how and practical experiences in the field of conception, engineering, erection and administration of the necessary technical facilities.

Together with our partners, the German expert companies DELPHIN Water Systems, BIOGEST International and PROTEC, our company offers innovative wastewater treatment technology directed to intelligent conceptions, a high product quality, reliability and long term economical efficiency.

The global destruction of our environment has not only a negative effect to our live quality and health, it also course serious global economical damages and the loss of human lives by decease, natural catastrophes and ecological disasters. In the face of those alarming facts the development of a new world wide environmental awareness has began in the last decades, reflected not at least by strict environmental rules and normative of the European Union and their member countries.

So the protection and regeneration of our natural water recourses, as a major ecological component, is one of the most important concerns of the 21 century.

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