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What means fully biological waste water treatment?

What means fully biological waste water treatment?

Fully biological waste water treatment bases on aerobic biological reduction processes caused by micro organisms. They absorb the polluting organically and inorganically compounds from the water to use those for their one alimentation. That way they transform these substances gradually under consumption of oxygen in harmless, ecologic useful inorganically combustions. This micro organisms are to find all over in the nature, especially in waters and soils, They represent the most important factor in the ecological recycling process.

Modern biological reactors are high tech installations, resulting from many years of scientific and technical researches, permanent field tests and technological developments. They realize excelent results in the view of their work load capacity, purification performance and their economic energy consumption.

In natural waters billions of microorganisms like bacteria and argons care for the reduction of the natural organical waste and course in that way a ecological recycling process.

View at a SB Reactor with a BSK aeration turbine: The natural degradation process is powered by the input of additional oxygen. A permanent mixing of the reactor volume make safe, that the growing biomass is supplied continuously with oxygen and degradable material

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