Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technology for 6 - 60.000 p.e.

About us

Our Objectives

With the accession of Romania to the European Union new normatives, lows and regulation are to transfer and apply also in Romania. Public and private investments are incrementally directed by new perspectives, concepts and strategies especially on the sector of environmental protection and the management of material and energy resources.

Row material recycling, energy recovery, ecological waste and waste water management and not at least integrated conceptions of cohere circular processes in industry and agriculture is not any more only an instrument of cost control and environmental protection, but also an important source of profit and with this an significant economical factor of growth also at the Romanian market.

For our company this exiting development is a great challenge.

So our activities are directed to design innovative and clean conceptions in the professional fields of waste water purification, biogas production and circular economy.

Our costumers profit from an international network of experts and producers, tailor made conceptions, the application of modern key technology and not at least from the exchange of experiences coursed by numerous international reference projects.

Our Domains

Biological waste water treatment stations:##

Clean and ecological solutions in this field are not only a matter of lows and regulations. A clean and hygienic Environment protect the health and our daily live quality of you and your family. Intec offers safe and clean fully biological waste water treatment solutions for applications from 4 up to 3000 persons. Please contact us, we are pleased to consult and to inform you.

Industrial waste water treatment solutions:##

You are the responsible officer ore owner of a Industrial or agriculture company and you are looking for a efficient and save solution to purify your waste or process water? Intec supply tailor made concepts for your waste water problem - compact purification systems, technical key components for single treatment states or integrated circular treatment processes s including heat recuperation, energy supply, water reuse and residue sludge management. Please feel free contact us - we are to your disposal!

Integrated Biogas Plants:##

Do you want to invest in the market of tomorrow but you expect an attractive profit allready today. Biogas production plants are an exciting source of profit but they need know how and experience to work efficient. Many agricultural companies have an immense potential to realize long term succesfull biogas concepts be course the dispose of big recoutces of the necessary waste and raw materials. If you have question and you are looking for answers, please feel and contact us!

#h3 Ecological waste material recycling:##

In the free nature nothing is lost. Each single gram of material circulates in a natural reusing process. Who learns from that simple examples that the tature gives us, is saving costs and making many. Many organically and inorganically waste materials can by recycled and distributed as a high value raw material at the national and international market. Do you have Question for a profitable waste recycling concept

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