Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technology for 6 - 60.000 p.e.

Compact pre-treatment plants

Compact pre-treatment plants

The objective of the pre-treatment is the mechanical purification of the wastewater to prepare it for an efficient biological treatment.

Solid and insoluble particles like stones, paper, textiles, organic material and as sand will be removed, washed, compacted stored and finally recycled ore disposed to a waste collection point.

Totay highly performance compact plants with integraten sand trap and grease separator substitute the traditional mechanical sedimentation tancs completely and help to improve the quality and efficiency of the following biological treatment steps decisively .

Compact pretreatment plants supplied by BIOGEST International are robust, efficient and reliable and they work completely full automatically.

Compact mechanical treatment station with automatic screen, solids washing and dewatering press

Solid material separator with patented sand trap and integrated grease separator

Compact and draining of the separated solid material. The residues are filled in p.e. tube bags stored in simple waste containers.

View at a spiral conveyer of a automatic screen, discharging the solid material what has been captured and separated by a 10 mm grid


Short menstruation length

Outstanding efficient separation of solids, sand and grease

Further use of the sand (with sand washer)

Completely made of stainless steel, robust, resistant, durable

Compact, small construction surface

Short construction time

Turnkey delivery (plug and operate)


Robust fine screen with a slot width between 110 mm|

Return of organic components by intensive washing before dewatering of the solids|

Exceptionally short construction combined with perfect separation of sand and grease by patented drum flow (grain diameter 0.20 mm => 95 % separation)|

Efficient grease separation by asymmetrical aeration|

Hydraulic capacity up to 300 l/s parallel operation of two and more stations possible

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