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Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

Fine Bubble Aeration

Application of a BIOGEST Hyperclassic fine bupple aeration in a industrial whater cleaning process

The Fine bubble aeration is a combined process of pressed air input, its division and the homoganisation of the reactor content.A pipe leads the air from the air compressor station into a circular aeration device situated on the flour of the reactor tank. Some centimetres above operates the HyperClassic fine bubble aeration turbine.

The special design of the turbine rotor section effects the diffusion swirling and distribution of the air stream into finest bubbles as well powerful turbulences in the surrounding volume and with this a permanent circulation of the reactor content. The homogeny and efficient oxygen supply is the most important base for a preferment and stabile biological treatment process. The optimal design of the HyperClassic turbine guaranties an maximal hydrodynamic effect and a minimal energy consumption.

The Innovation:

mechanical smashing of coarse air bubbles

rotating mixer body with special shear rips effects an additional dispersing of the Oxygen

patented HyperClassicstirring body (GRP) effects a perfect mixing of the reactor contents The special design realize also a powerful vertical stirring

special Stirring body design guaranties a high alphavalue and prevents wearingdepending loss of the oxygen supply capacity during the entire operation time. That means no wear parts

Important Process-Advantages:

Aeration and mixing circulation with one aggregate

Perfect conditions for nitrification and denitrification

No sedimentation of sludge at the reactor bottom

Ideal for changing water levels in the SBR process

Powerful turbulences coursed by a BIOGEST HyperClassic turbine: By an optimized circulation and a efficient oxygen input into this obviously high loaded waste water, after some hours the treatment process will be completed successfully

View at a Hyperclassic turbine situated in a discharged BSR. The pipe on the ground leads the compressed air under the rotating difusors

Two high performance and robust aggregates of BIOGEST International supply the necessary compressed air for the aeration process in thatc SBR

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