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Surface Aeration Systems

Surface Aeration Systems

As the HC Technology the BSK Surface aeration process includes two necessary operations, the oxygen input and the permanent homogenisation of the reactor volume. A swimming support keeps the aeration turbine in a exactly adjusted semi submersible position. The rotating turbine plates effect strong hydrodynamic turbulences on and under the wastewater surface, pressing and swirling the air from outside into the reactor volume, The turbulences under the water surface course a strong circulation of the entire reactor content and with that, an optimal distribution and absorption of the oxygen.

The patented BSK aeration technology is a excellent stand-alone solution, needing not any additional pressed air supply, pipes or input devices. Its development has been directed to a high oxygen input performance and efficiency as well as the reduction of maintenance and energy costs. By a additional electronic oxygen measure and drive controlling system the efficiency and economy of the system can be further optimized.

And not at least - the BSK surface aeration technology is practicable in several other biological treatment processes as nitrification, de-nitrification and sludge stabilisation.

View at a BSK surface aerator: By a special hydrodynamic design the rotating paddles effect not only an efficient oxygen input but also immense turbulences for an optomal mixing and circulation process

Typical Application of a BSK turbine in a liquid sludge stabilisation tank.

Typical Applications for BSK®-Turbines:

NitrificationReactors (permanent aeration)

Sludge aeration, sludge stabilization

Biological high load reactors (e.g. sugar factory)

SBRWWTP‘s / carrousel stations


Completely made of stainless steel

Optimized geometry of the vanes for high oxygen input capacity

No efficiency loss at operating conditions

Outstanding heavyduty drive systems for challenging operating conditions

Various turbine sizes from 900 mm up to 3,150 mm are available

View at a rotors of large BSK aeration turbines produced in the manufactory of BIOGEST International for a customer in Saudi Arabia

View at a operating BSK turbine in High-Load SBR

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