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Decanter Technology for SBR

Decanter Technology for SBR

The BSK decanter before dipping into the clear water zone after the aeration process

The BSK decanter installation in the typical lifted waiting position

Compared to traditional corneous purification processes the clear water outlet of a SPR process is subjected to some special requirements.

During the outlet operation the water surface sags and with it residual swimming biomass and foam, what can bee captured by the outlet pipe easily.The out streaming water can also induce turbulences, squiring the settled sludge back in the clear water zoon. Both unwanted effects would reduce the clear water quality dramatically.

So the outlet facility has to make safe, that a high quantity of clear water can leave the reactor in a short period, but with out capturing contaminating particles from the surface or the sludge zoon. For that reason the patented BSK-Decanter contacts the clear water zone some centimetres below the water surface. A horizontal inlet pipe evacuates the clear water carefully, with out turbulences by a big number of discharging ports. An electronic control system leads the movable pipe construction synchronic to the lowering water level, keeping the relative outlet point stabile. After the clear water evacuation the discharging pipe moves up automatically above the maximal filling level of the reactor tank.

Beside the application in a SBR-process, the BSK decanter is also well practical to evacuate residual water in a sludge stabilisation and dewatering process.


Turbulencefree discharge of purified wastewater out of the clear water zone

High hydraulic discharge capacity

No trapping of floating sludge

Maintenancefree components below water level

High reliability, Long lifetime


Completely made of stainless steel

Moveable decanter body with maintenancefree underwater joint

Floating sludge deflector

Automatic justification to the water surface

Outlet capacity of 50 up to 400l/s

With drymounted, service friendly electrical winch

The BSK decanter after the clear water extraction

View at a BSK decanter drive., moving lifting and lowering the operation level of the outlet pipe synchronic to the water surface

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