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Additional mechanical Treatment

Additional mechanical Treatment

In many cases wastewater stream contents larger particles as stones, textiles or parts of wood or metal. Clogging and serious destructions of grids, screens, pumps and other electro mechanic devices can be coursed. Each of these events can result in fatal technical, economical and environmental consequences. An mechanical pre-treatment is often the only way to prevent an unmanageable disaster.

There are two practicable opportunities The crushing and macerating of the unwanted solid material as well as its remove from the wastewater stream before it can enter into any sensitive devices.

The solid material macerating can also be applied as a pre-treatment of the excess sludge before it enters in the stabilisation process. The reduction of fibres and other solids accelerate the biological stabilisation and conditioning process and with this the capacity of the sludge treatment section in a very economical way.

Disc screen with crushing system
and discharge screw installed at the inlet of a pumping station

Full automatically disc screen systems capture and separate large solid material out of wastewater, before it arrives in the fine screen device

Macerating of fine solids containing in the excess sludge before it enters into the anaerobic digesting process

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