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Sludge Dewatering

Sludge Dewatering

Heavy Duty Centrifuges with a capacity of up to 30 cbm/h realize a thickening of 28% solide matter. They will be applied, if a high performance technology is asked for.

The efficient management of big sludge quantities is an important technical aspect of each integrated waste water treatment process. The quality of the sludge stabilisation, dewatering and compacting effect the following disposal or recycling process decisively. In the course of the stabilisation process the organic compounds have to be reduced that the intensity of the biological digestion process slow down permanently. The dewatering and compacting processes reduces the mass of the sludge on 10% and increase the solid matter from 3% to up to 28%.

BIOGEST International offers highly efficient technology for an ecologic and economic optimal sludge treatment. As for the SBR process the BSK Surface aeration technology is a excellent solution to suport an efficient aerobic sludge stabilisation processes.

Our modern dewatering concepts base on the addition of polymeric coagulants and the application of high performance and compact technological components as thickening drums, filter presses or centrifuges. include dosing systems, conveyers, solid material storage and electronic control system.

Sludge Thickening Drums with a capacity up to 100 cbm sludge flow per hour represent a economical and compact way to realize a sludge thickening up to 10% solid matter.

Filter Presses of many different sizes and capacities are a reliable and economical technology for a sludge dewatering up to 28 % solid matter.

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